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A very popular classic in coin magic. Two solid brass caps are passed  out for examination. When returned they are placed cup down on the  table. When lifted, five coins mysteriously appear. They then vanish and re-appear under the other brass cap previously shown empty. The coins the behave in a myriad of ways from jumping from one cap to another as well as penetrating through the SOLID container.

If this wasn't enough the coins are placed into the hands of the spectator  and covered with the cap. Again when it is lifted the coins have  changed into 5 small coins.

The precision tooled components can be handed out for the most discriminating examination!


Price: $60.00
+ free gift


Magic Coloring book

This is a great effect and is very popular. Whether you are a teacher or a children's performer it never fails to surprise. You flick through the pages of a book which at a glance can be seen blank. The Magician gives the book a shake to find that its now filled with pictures.
The Magician now waves his hand over a sealed packet of crayons and they disappear. The pages of the book are now magically shown in full color. In a twinkling of an eye, the crayons appear back in the box and the book is now seen blank.

Very easy to do. Full instructions included for both effects.

Price: $25.00
+ free gift


Imagine being able to perform like a Professional
Imagine Having a card selected and returned to the deck which is then thoroughly shuffled. You then hold the deck to your ear and tell the spectator that card is located at the same number of cards as her birthday!
The Cards are dealt one by one to find the selection is on this exact number.

Imagine having a card selected and returned to the deck.

In a flash you make the selection disappear from the deck and re-appear in the card box that has been on the table in full view of the spectator.


Imagine Changing the entire deck into a card that has been freely selected!

 Imagine being able to command a card to jump to the top, to the middle or on the bottom of the deck. Imagine letting a spectator to select any card and then amazingly having it appear in your pocket!

All of these and much much more can be achieved with this specially made Bicycle deck that comes with an instructional DVD and teaches you variety of mind blowing card effects that are easy to perform One of the most versatile decks available. 

The cards are always under your control!

Highly Recommended!!

Price: $60.00
(includes magic deck + DVD + 
vanishing cards + free gift)



Vanishing Cards

Show a pack of cards in a black plastic case. The pack is removed and a card is taken out of the pack and shown to the spectator. The card is returned to the deck and the deck is placed back in the case. As you attempt to put the card back in the case, the rest of the pack has VANISHED, leaving behind only the plastic card case! The pack of cards has completely vanished!

Many different routines are possible with this trick.

Price: $10.00
+ free gift
(free when you order a Magic Deck of cards system)


Coil puzzle

A ring is threaded in a spring which is closed on both ends.
The puzzle is to remove the ring ....


Price: $10.00
(free with any purchase)


changing cards pocket

This is with out doubt one of the most amazing close up illusions to have appeared in recent times, working on a very novel principle, and as happens with any good new magic idea,
 This one is well made, and comes to you at a most affordable price.

Show empty sleeve. Force a card on spectator from a deck, then have the selected card visibly appear in the empty sleeve.

Price: $20.00
+ free gift
(free when you order a Magic Deck of cards system)

Ignite your audiences with this blazing fire effect! As you open a  seemingly normal wallet, you flip open to show to the audience that  it is indeed normal. Then, all of a sudden, a large and very visible  flame is seen coming from within the opened wallet. The magician quickly shuts the wallet, extinguishing the flames. 
After a moment, he opens it again.
The wallet is now ordinary in  every way!


What a stunning climax to a strong, surprising series of magical  events.
Make this a fiery part of your next routine!


Price: $60.00
+ free gift